St. John's Lutheran Ministries

St. John's Lutheran Ministries is a community of diverse people sharing God's healing presence. Our Mission is to provide living opportunities within nurturing environments of hope, dignity, and love.

As a ministry of the church and as a not-for-profit corporation, St. John's is committed to:

  • Being a mission directed organization, whose source is God's Word of love and hope to all humanity through the gift of Jesus Christ.

  • Providing a continuum of housing opportunities and supportive services primarily for older persons.

  • Providing appropriate care, service, employment and volunteer opportunities to all people without regard to:

  • Religious Preference

  • Race or National Origin

  • Gender, Age or Marital Status

  • Diagnosis or Disability

  • Financial Status

  • Being an innovative leader in our field and sharing our knowledge and gifts.

  • Taking risks on behalf of people in need.

  • Practicing good stewardship through wise management of our gifts and resources.

  • Developing faithful, effective collaborations and partnerships within and beyond the Lutheran Church.

  • Being a place where all people are recognized and celebrated as both givers and receivers of love.