Christikon Bible Camp

It is the mission of Christikon to awaken and nurture faith in Christ — exploring God’s creation and the adventure of life together.

Goal 1. Christikon seeks to provide opportunities for campers to grow as the Body of Christ. We move towards a deeper experience and awareness of Christian community centered in worship, where all are sustained in the covenant of baptism and drawn more deeply in to the lives of each other.

Goal 2. Christikon seeks to form faithful Christians. We help people recognize and grow from the foundation offered in the gifts and insights of those who have gone before us, so we might discern what God is doing in our lives and in our life together in this world.
Goal 3. Christikon seeks to raise up stewards of creation. We use our majestic mountain setting to encourage a greater appreciation of the natural environment, and to develop a deeper sense of gratitude and responsibility for the whole creation of God.

Goal 4. Christikon seeks to foster campers’ personal growth by challenging and stretching their perceptions of their own gifts and abilities.