Wedding Fees

On-site fees include pastor honorarium, musician honorarium, building maintenance and personnel.  Any musicians/soloists in addition to the main service player provided by KOG will need to be compensated by you separately.  Fees must be received in full in the KOG office no later than one week before the actual wedding date.
     Member:    $500
Non-Member: $1,000
         Member: $200 (Clergy)
                         $150-$200 (KOG Musician)
Non-Member: $300 (Clergy & KOG donation)
                        $150-$200 (KOG Musician)
Member & Non-Member:  Travel, Lodging & Meal expenses for pastor and musician
For off-site weddings that are not located in Billings , the wedding party is expected to pay for the pastor and musician’s travel, meals, and lodging.  Lodging should be private and of a high quality; commensurate with the wedding party’s accommodations. The honorarium suggested for the pastor is $200.  The honorarium suggested for the musician is $150-$200 depending upon the amount of rehearsal time, music and solos.  Non-members are asked to consider a $100 donation to KOG for the pastor's time and energy away from the congregation.