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Wedding as Worship
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How Christians Understand Marriage
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We offer you our prayers for your upcoming marriage. 
Please read over our policies below and contact us if you have any questions. 
Complete Wedding Booklet in pdf format.
First Things in Planning a Christian Wedding
People from all cultures and all religions get married.  The pastors of this congregation encourage you to plan your wedding within a faith community with which you feel comfortable and intend to participate.  If one or both of the couple are not currently active participants in a Christian congregation, the pastor will ask you to participate in a course of instruction in Christian teachings prior to or immediately following the wedding.  Upon completion of the course, you are welcome to join King of Glory Lutheran Church and make this congregation your church home.
Marriage within the context of Christian worship is a privilege reserved for those who sincerely desire God’s blessing upon their marriage.  When an ordained Lutheran minister presides and the wedding service takes place in the midst of the Christian community, the couple publicly affirms and announces to the gathered people that faith in Christ and participation in the life and work of the church is of serious importance to them.  The church understands the wedding ceremony as first and foremost an act of worship.  If you do not understand yourself or your wedding in this way, then you may be better served and more pleased with a non-church wedding. 
Arranging the Wedding Date
The church calendar and the pastor’s schedule must be clear before a date and time is set.  Ideally, planning begins six months in advance, three months is minimum.  Sacred days of the church year are to be avoided. 
Pre-Marital Counseling
Couples will engage in four to six hours of pre-marital conversation and guidance.  This process includes planning the wedding itself, reflection on Christian teachings about marriage and conversation about issues in marriage.  In some circumstances, the pastor may accept pre-marital counseling performed by another pastor or professional counselor.  In these circumstances, it is still necessary for the pastor to meet with the couple to become acquainted with them and to plan the wedding service.