Rules & Guidelines

Each participant in Family Promise agrees to the guidelines below.  It is important for volunteers to be familiar with these guidelines. 
Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley
Guest Participation Agreement
The Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley is a voluntary not-for-profit organization, which unites communities of faith in a collaborative effort to provide homeless families with overnight accommodations, food, and case management services.  While participating in Family Promise, families are housed in participating congregations one week at a time.  Volunteers from the host congregations provide overnight accommodations, and meals, and a professional social worker is available to help families locate employment, housing, and financial assistance. 
Family Promise staff and volunteers strive to make the Family Promise experience as positive and as “normal” as possible.  Staff and volunteers are aware that guest families are in a current state of crisis, and efforts are made to help bring the crisis to an end, and to help each family return to a stable and independent life. 
To ensure that all guests are safe and as comfortable as possible, and to ensure that the program operates without disruption, the following policies have been developed regarding participation in the Family Promise program.  Families wishing to use the services of the Family Promise must agree to abide by these policies
  1. Family Promise will provide guest families with overnight accommodations and meals for 30 days.  During a family’s first week in the Family Promise program, the adults in the family must meet with the Case Manager to discuss the family situation and develop a case plan.  After 30 days permission to remain in the program must be given by the Director of the program and will only be given if the families are following their plan and saving money.  
  2. Host congregations provide overnight accommodations from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.  Family Promise guests must leave the host facility at the scheduled time each day.  Family Promise has a Family Day Center located at 40 10th St. W in Billings .  The Family Day Center is open from approximately 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Sunday through Friday, and 9:15 to 5:00 on Saturday.  Guests who have not yet located employment, who are ill, who have ill children, etc, can use the Day Center .
  3. Each host congregation provides accommodations for the guest families for one week at a time.  Guest families move to a new host facility on Sunday evening.   Volunteers from the congregations move the beds and guests belongings to the new host facility.  Guests are required to attend the mandatory Sunday evening orientation, which begins at 5:30 pm at the host congregation and covers policies/ rules specific to the congregation and possible activities for the evenings. 
  4. Guests will arrive on time at host congregations at 5:30 pm.  Dinner will be served at 6:30 pm.  If there is an emergency and guests are late, they will notify the Network Director before 5:00 pm or the host congregation by 5:30 pm.  If guests must make special scheduling arrangements, they must make arrangements with the Director the day before.  The guests will not ask hosts for permission to leave the congregation in the evening.
  5. Guests are expected to seek employment, financial assistance, housing, and other services agreed upon with their case manager.  (All able-bodied adults are expected to obtain employment.)  Guests should direct questions regarding their case plan to the IHN Case Manager or Family Promise Director rather than to volunteers.  Guests who do not continue to work on their case plan will be asked to leave Family Promise at the end of their initial 30 day period in order that other families may be served.  
  6. As guests, adults are expected to spend their days working on their case plan, school-aged children must be enrolled in school, and preschoolers must be enrolled in day care as soon as possible.  Volunteers will be available to assist children in the evening with homework.  The Family Promise Case Manager will assist parents with making school and day care arrangements.
  7. Guests must utilize the transportation provided by Family Promise to the guest’s day site (e.g. school, day care center, Family Day Center , etc.) and from the guest’s day site to the host congregation.  If a guest misses his/her ride he/she is responsible for finding other transportation to the host congregation.  Exceptions can be made for reasons pertaining to employment.              
  8. All guest families are required to save 80% of all income after necessary expenses while residing in the Family Promise program.  Guests will form a monthly budget with the Case Manager.  Receipts will be issued for the money deposited and upon discharge from the program all monies on deposit will be returned to the family.
  9. Family Promise will provide classes/programs for the guests’ benefit which guests are expected to attend. 
  10. Guests are expected to be considerate and courteous to other guests, staff and volunteers. Please treat EVERYONE with respect.  If a guest is found to be uncooperative or disruptive, he/she may be asked to leave the program. 
  11. Parents are responsible for the care of their children at all times. Children are not to be left unattended.  Family Promise volunteers and staff will not serve as baby sitters.  Parents will discipline their children calmly with patience and understanding.   There will be no physical or verbal abuse (including shouting or yelling) toward your children.
  12. Use of alcoholic beverages and drugs is prohibited in Family Promise facilities.  Guests who bring illicit drugs or alcohol into Family Promise facilities will be asked to leave the         program immediately.  Additionally, guests who appear to be intoxicated will be refused admittance to the host congregation premises.  Any guest who is discovered to be using illicit drugs or drugs not prescribed by a physician will be asked to leave the Family Promise program.
  13. Smoking is prohibited in all Family Promise facilities.  Guests are allowed to smoke in designated areas outside. 
  14. Weapons are prohibited in all Family Promise facilities
  15. Visitors are not allowed to visit guests at any Network facilities.  Only persons listed on the Initial Interview Intake Form are allowed to stay with guests.  Program staff from other agencies that are assisting guests are excepted, and guests must notify the Director or Case Manager in advance of meetings that will take place at the Day Center or host congregation.
  16. Food is to be kept and eaten in the kitchen/dining areas only at host congregations and in the designated space at the Family Promise Family Day Center .  No food or drink is allowed in guest rooms. 
  17. All guests are expected to assist in keeping the accommodations clean and to help with housekeeping chores.  Guests must keep all living areas and bathrooms clean, and parents must clean up after children.
  18. Family Promise is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  19. If guest contract serious, contagious illnesses, other temporary arrangements for their overnight accommodations may be made at the discretion of Family Promise staff.
  20. If guest families do not meet the expectations of the Family Promise agreements, they will be given warnings.  These warnings are accumulative for all expectations and the fifth violation will be grounds for termination. 
  • 1st violation – verbal warning
  • 2nd violation – written warning
  • 3rd violation – written warning
  • 4th violation – written exit warning
  • 5th violation - termination
I have read the Family Promise policies above and agree to follow them.  I understand that my family and I will be asked to leave the Family Promise services if I/we violate the terms of this agreement. 
Gary Aasheim
Phone:(406) 698-4138