If you or anyone in your family desires baptism please complete the Baptism Request Form below. In preparation for the baptism, you will be invited to spend time with the Pastor, performing the baptism ,to talk about the gift of baptism and the details of the baptismal service.
Baptism at King of Glory Lutheran Church
“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!”  Matthew 28:19
BAPTISM IS A GREAT GIFT FROM GOD!  Commanded by Jesus, our Lord (see Matthew 28:16-20), we gather around God’s Word and water as God makes another of His beloved children. 
When a baptism is done, God is the one doing the choosing.  God accepts the newly baptized into His family.  God does so freely, with no strings or conditions attached.  Baptism is God’s gift.  It is one of the ways God shows His great love for us!
When a person is baptized at King of Glory, that person becomes the newest child of God, part of God’s family.  That family includes people of all Christian faiths like Methodist, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, etc.
The newly baptized person also becomes the newest member of King of Glory Lutheran Church.  That’s because God sees to it that there is a particular place (in this case, King of Glory) where God’s promises can be given over and over again.
So then, you might say, King of Glory Lutheran Church exists for the sake of Baptism so that God can keep God’s promises to all baptized persons.
Those promises include:
+a place to come for worship;
+an opportunity to learn the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed and the Ten Commandments;
+an occasion to receive a Bible and study it;
+a place to know the Christian faith from a Lutheran perspective through Sunday school, confirmation and adult classes.
BAPTISM IS TO BE A PUBLIC EVENT where that newly baptized person can be surrounded by the love and care of the believing community called King of Glory.  Baptisms will normally take place in the context of public worship.  There may be rare occasions, such as medical emergencies, where a private baptism is warranted.  That private baptism then will be recognized during a worship service so that the Church can welcome that new member into our fellowship.
IF YOU DESIRE A BAPTISM AT KING OF GLORY, here are the steps to be followed:
  1. Indicate to a pastor or the church office your desire for a baptism.
  2. Complete the Baptismal Request Form.
  3. The date for the baptism will be set in conjunction with the church calendar.
  4. A session of instruction will be scheduled with a pastor to talk about what baptism means and examine the baptismal service in preparation for the baptism.
  5. You select baptismal sponsors (God-parents) who are practicing Christians, preferably Lutherans, who understand the great gift baptism is and are willing to support the life of faith of the newly baptized child of God.
THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR A BAPTISM AT KING OF GLORY.  You may, however, wish to give a special gift in thankfulness to God for all that He has done for you!
IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, feel free to contact King of Glory at 652-1690.